Leisure and programs

You can relax int he shadow or you can choose between the follows:

You would like some active relaxation, to have your children around but still not looking after them all the time?

We will give you tips
- How to make your vacation even more exciting
- Surprise your children,
- Recreate more during the days spent in Zamárdi
- Have more fun after a whole day swimming
- If the weather is cooler don’t worry, there is still plenty of attractions and programs.

A numerous options to choose between:
- Shore of Lake Balaton, the beach promenade
Before or after sunset
- Adventure Park
- Tours and attractions
Zamárdi and surroundings
- Events, festivals and guide-lines

Directly on the shore of Lake Balaton, the beach promenade:
- Go-kart
- Four-wheel bikes
- Trampulin
- Air Ball
- Daydream
- Mini Golf
- Playground For Kids

- Tennis
- Beach Volleyball
- Water equipments for rent (peddal boats, kayaks, surf)
- Bike

In the evening
Bandstand – retro music, food, drinks and dance
Partifészek pub - rock, pop bands

- Zamárdi Adventure Park
Ropes hanging between trees help you in balance. It’s not only fun but also requires skill and perseverance.
- Paintball
Adrenaline, team building and entertainment in one place!
- Military Park - military fleet: tanks, missiles, SUVs

Excursions and sights:
- Tihany
- Zamárdi Lookout

Programs, festivals and events:
- Zamárdi cooking and traditional competition - Balaton Region
- Days of Zamárdi(exhibitions, concerts, lectures) - Community House, Lake Balaton
- Midsummer Night’s Dream time-travel - Zamárdi memorials
- Elfs on Board! Children Sailing - June - August - Zamárdi port
- St. Christopher Archery Traditional Cup Day - St. Christopher
- Balaton Sound Festival
- Zamárdi Walks with tour-guide
- Playhouse on the beach
- Balaton Bike Weekend – motorcyclists’ meeting
- Street Festival
- Zamárdi Military Days
- Balaton Kids’ Days
- St. Stephen's Day celebration
- South Balaton Amateur Horse competition
- Water Thanksgiving - port
- Horses and folklore programs – Inn Waggon
- Musical evening, street party - Tuesday, Friday, Saturday


"Balaton Sound among the best festivals in Europe

After last year’s Sziget success at the European Festival Awards, the biggest international festival competition, the youngest music event of Sziget Cultural Management, Balaton Sound, won in the category of best medium-sized European festival this year"  www.sziget.hu

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