Zamárdi Hegyi Apartman
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Leisure and programs

You can relax in the shadow or you can choose between the follows:
You would like some active relaxation, to have your children around but still not looking after them all the time?

We will give you tips
- How to make your vacation even more exciting
- Surprise your children
- Recreate more during the days spent in Zamárdi
- Have more fun after a whole day swimming
- If the weather is cooler don’t worry, there is still plenty of attractions and programs.

A numerous options to choose between:
- Shore of Lake Balaton, the beach promenade
Before or after sunset
- Adventure Park
- Tours and attractions
Zamárdi and surroundings
- Events, festivals and guide-lines

Directly on the shore of Lake Balaton, the beach promenade:

- Go-kart
- Four-wheel bikes
- Trampulin
- Air Ball
- Daydream
- Mini Golf
- Playground For Kids
- Tennis
- Beach Volleyball
- Water equipments for rent (peddal boats, kayaks, surf)
- Bike

In the evening

Bandstand – retro music, food, drinks and dance
Partifészek pub - rock, pop bands


- Zamárdi Adventure Park
Ropes hanging between trees help you in balance. It’s not only fun but also requires skill and perseverance.
- Paintball
Adrenaline, team building and entertainment in one place!
- Military Park - military fleet: tanks, missiles, SUVs

Excursions and sights:
- Tihany
- Zamárdi Lookout

Programs, festivals and events:

- Zamárdi cooking and traditional competition - Balaton Region
- Days of Zamárdi(exhibitions, concerts, lectures) - Community House, Lake Balaton
- Midsummer Night’s Dream time-travel - Zamárdi memorials
- Elfs on Board! Children Sailing - June - August - Zamárdi port
- St. Christopher Archery Traditional Cup Day - St. Christopher Winery
- Balaton Sound Festival
- Zamárdi Walks with tour-guide
- Playhouse on the beach
- Balaton Bike Weekend – motorcyclists’ meeting
- Street Festival
- Zamárdi Military Days
- Balaton Kids’ Days
- St. Stephen's Day celebration
- South Balaton Amateur Horse competition
- Water Thanksgiving - port
- Horses and folklore programs – Inn Waggon
- Musical evening, street party - Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

Balaton Sound among the best festivals in Europe

One of the largest and most colorful open-air electronic beach festivals in Europe.